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Wishing I could meet Josh...

vijaykumar's picture
on June 11, 2007 - 10:30am

I have been reading some of the fan encounters in the Forums and I have to say, I have gotten a little jealous.

I don't think Josh is a god or anything, I think he's an exceptionally gifted, ordinary guy (okay, so he's adorable). But I have an equal desire to meet him and fear of what I would say if I did.

I wouldn't want to be speechless and freak out (I might) because I don't want him to think I think he's more than a regular man. He goes out of his way to show us "he's just a man". So I wouldn't want to FREAK, but good gracious, I would be so excited and so nervous at the same time. I have such respect for his talent and for his ability to handle what he does with the grace that he does. I would want to convey that but would probably say something insane - or not speak at all!

I also think that if I did see him (just run into him in the street), I might not even realize it was him. What I mean is, I look at pictures, etc, so often that I think if I actually saw him on the street, I would realize he's familiar but maybe not that he's Josh. I see him so often that I might think he's just a friend that I ran into that I haven't seen in a while - do you know what I mean? Or am I losing it?!

Anyway, I would love to see him up close. I would also love to have a picture of him hugging someone in front of me. I saw one, one day, that was a close up of his face when he was hugging a lady. His face was so sweet. Of course I would also like one of him hugging ME!

Maybe one day....

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