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on June 11, 2007 - 2:52pm I listen to Oceano it brings me right back to my seat at the "Closer" concert as Josh opened with that song! YUMMY!

It's 88 degrees and sunny here today. I spent some time reading and listening to "THE SECRET" on CD on my deck - it's great for my mental state - gotta love the sunshine :)

Man........I'm in a great mood today. Not sure why, there's nothing really special about today........hey, maybe it's the power of the law of attraction :)(if you've watched or listened to The Secret, you'll understand what I mean!) Yep, that has to be it! If you THINK happy thoughts, happiness will BE! I encourage all of you to go out and get it on CD. It'll change your life :) I've read some of your blogs and am heavy hearted with all that goes on in your is a challenge (I'm including my life in this too, as none of us are free from the "yuck"); thank goodness for FRIENDS - such as YOU - all of you! That's all I can say! Let me know if you agree!

So...........I am happy to say that I'm down 7 lbs today after 3 weeks of my "Fit For Life" challenge (some of you remember from earlier blogs). I'm pleased with that...but it's just a start. I hope I can stay committed for a "lifetime." I'm tired of the ups and downs of the dieting game. I pray it's different this time! My goal is to be down 25 by August - when I see Josh in concert. SOL (SCREAM OUT LOUD :)

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