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Rachel did it AGAIN

mswizzzard's picture
on June 12, 2007 - 12:00pm

YEAH ---- Rachel did it again got seats to Norfolk VA concert. So we will have seen him on three (3) different times this TOUR ---- I am so very blessed. We will be making hearts and have glow sticks and all the other stuff that comes with the Josh experience. Doing the Meet and Greets for the first time. Unbelievable....... Can you tell I am Excited..........

And once again Rachel and share the account (but not for long hopefully for her birthday I'll get her her own account.) Don't read that part Rachel.!!!


Part II - 8pm

Well I should have know that Rachel would read my blog. She is afterall my KID --- So she of course knew when I told her I would get her a membership. I will do it as soon as we pay pal for the tickets in Norfolk if the wonderful lady contacts us. Blessed BE. JoDee out.

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