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on June 12, 2007 - 8:15pm

After sharing my moms account (MsWizzzard) she got me my own account today after I surprised her with the wonderful news that we are going to the Norfolk, VA concert in addition to the Hershey, PA concert.

I really threw her off too, she had no idea. I told her I was going to try to find good tix for Wilkes-Barre about a week ago but not to get too excited. Then told her I couldn't find any. That was of course just to throw her off the scent of my hunt for Norfolk tickets! (and it worked :) )

I called her from work oday to tell her - she screamed so loud people in my office could hear her over the phone! I think the scremaing was followed by shock and then tears (good tears of course).

So now we have two concerts to look forward to and also our first time doing the fan meet and greets so we can meet all the rest of you wonderful grobanites.

I am a big concert person but have always enjoyed Josh's the best and don't mind spending the money on them, plus its something my mom and I can share together. This summer I am also going to the Nickelback and John Mayer conerts, what a Summer to look forward to!

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