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Rachel finally Has her Own Membership

mswizzzard's picture
on June 12, 2007 - 10:56pm

Hello again. Well we finally reached the woman ( who is also head of the meet and greet) with the Norfolk VA tickets and Rachel got us two VIP seats. I was so happy when it all happened that I almost peed myself. And of course Rachel read my blog and knew I was going to get her, her own membership. Which I did this evening she is now officially on the fan club as Grobie4Good. She was so excited. What a wonderful relationship I have and I know how lucky I am to have her in my life and she really wants me around. I would have been happy just going to see Josh at Hershey, but she wanted us to do as much as possible. I guess with all the chemo and stuff I went through last year she realized that sometimes you don't always have as much time as you want with the people that you love - even though I am in remission now and very grateful.

While I was at Rachel's I brought a deck of Goddess Cards ( similar to Tarot but very uplifting and not death cards or anything like that) I just got the like a week ago, I also brought a Rune's Card deck (same type of deal) with all of these cards it's a way towards divination. She was amazed at how accurate they were for the questions she asked.. Since I am a Pagan and she is not I asked her if she wanted the cards and she was so happy to accept them. Anything that brings us together is a good thing!! I think having a mother who is very different form most parents has been hard on her since I am a Bisexual, Pagan with all these various medical problems. I think anything that brings us closer together is excellent.

Speaking of medical things I signed myself up for another medical study. (Don't even remember doing it - but sometimes at night after I take my meds I sort of get retrograde amnesia) I have to of all things pee in a cup and Fed Ex it to the research center- then Thursday go down to the hospital and for a follow-up pee and lunch (not necessarily in that order LOL ) For doing that they will give me a $25 gas gift card (which I will use when Rachel and I go to Hershey to help pay for gas. Then I have to pee again on Friday and when they pick it up I will get another $25 gift card. Is that awesome or what? I live really close the hospital so all I'll really have to do is take the Light Rail and walk a couple of blocks - Don't have to worry about parking or gas money, parking in the city can be really tough and expensive. I'll bring my IpoD with all my Joshie songs on it for the rides back and forth. Some people travel hours to get to the test hospital University of Maryland at Baltimore hospital, I am blessed that I'm only a light rail ride away.

Still can't believe that I will get to see him three times on this tour. My girlfriend asked me if it was the same concert, and basically I told her yes but each experience was unique and beautiful, she didn't get it. But that's ok she's entitled to her opinion - even if it's WRONG. Good night for now - Bless you all.

Oh I googled myself the other day and found me. it was so kewl.

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