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Excitement over the little stuff

vijaykumar's picture
on June 13, 2007 - 5:05pm

Today I was browsing around the Ticketmaster website and of course had to look into the Josh concert location for Pittsburgh, even though I already bought tickets. Well, I saw where you could get a parking ticket online, just like a ticket. I did that for the other concert in Feb, but forgot all about this one. So I purchased a Parking Pass for my concert in August. It brought back the excitement of going online to get the concert ticket and I was all excited because now I have the Parking Pass to go with it... how strange is that!?!?!? Didn't think a parking pass would make my tummy flip, but I guess just the thought of going to the concert sparked the excitement. Now I REALLY can't wait to go. Yeah, this is a goofy story, but it's Josh related, so here it is in my journal!!

This week has been rough in our little city. A man from our church passed away Sunday and I went to the calling hours tonight. My cousin's grandson was killed in an accident, he was only 4 years old, and that has the majority of the city in despair. The calling hours for the little boy is tomorrow night. It really impacted me because I just saw the boy and his dad and grandma (she's my cousin) on Saturday and watched him play, and this happened Monday. The boy's mother was also killed (the parents lived apart). Such tragedy!!

My daughter in Chile seems to be doing okay. She's taking things extra careful for the remaining time there, 25 days left!!! She said her friends are doing fine now, too. about emotional exhaustion. So many things happening, weighing on my mind. I just keep praying for strength and comfort for everyone involved in all these things.

Josh has been playing non-stop to help me relax and take a break from my overloaded mind. He's such a comfort to listen to....beautiful, soothing, touching the soul!!

I think that's enough talk for now. Need to get going to tackle a few things before bedtime. Happiness to all you fellow Grobanites.....

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