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Yeah got it to work

mswizzzard's picture
on June 15, 2007 - 8:54pm

So I can now add my new entry. Rachel is addicted to the message boards I can't keep up with her so I figure the best way is just to write in my blog. I was cleaning up my bedroom tonight and found a piece to my older digital camera I was going cuckoo looking for it last weekend when I needed it. And poof I just found it on my nightstand. Goes to show you how much stuff I have on it. LOL. Rachel and I are going to make a donation in the name of the Norfolk M&G Group as part of the package for those attending the M&G Group (at least I hope it works out that way - one never knows what will happen from day to day with us)

Have so much more I want to say but am so sleepy see you tomorrow. - It's Baltimore GAY Pride week and weekend here so I'll be busy with my girlfriend at the different events, but will find time to report back on my blog about how things are going. Can't wait for the Norfolk Concert and then the Hershey - This will be the 2nd Hershey - So lets see the first was at the Lyric at Baltimore, then Nissan Pavillion in VA, Then Hershey, DC, Norfolk VA, Hershey again. Wish I could remember the dates. If anyone can help me with dates I'd appreciate it.


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