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pueoveso oceano la la la la

vijaykumar's picture
on June 18, 2007 - 2:46am

Gooood Mooorning GRBANITES! Well atleast for some of you! Today I´m at a much better place than two days ago, it has come to my realization that it was sort of good for me to fail my test, cause now when I re-do it i´m gona know all the information muuch better! And then I have a better chance to by the walking sluroy maschine when I become a doctor :D! This summer is all about work and study, though it´s a bit sad it will proppably be an experience... or something.. I don´t know, if I just keep on lying to myself then things will get better hahah (simpson style)!

Don´t really have that much else to say, ooh I came one step closer to another dream of mine. the first being to become a doctor and the second to write a song for Josh to sing, well yesterday my brother got a call from a friend of his (he´s making a movie that will come out in 2008-2009 at the movies here in Sweden so he has a few contacts) who has a big influence in the entertainment industry, she called and asked him if he knew a songwriter who could write a love-summer song to a very famous artist here in Sweden. And he said yes and gave that assignment to me, so I wrote one and now they´re discussing if they´re gona use it or not! So that´s one of the reasons I´m happy, I´m one step closer :D!!! Ok that just sounds obsessiv but you catch my drift.... have to go now... hear you guys later,

ps. I´ll catch you up on Cathy and Gwen for those who read it and are actually intereseted...

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