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Exactly one month till Norfolk, VA Concert!!

vijaykumar's picture
on June 20, 2007 - 4:47pm

We got our Glowsticks today!! I didn't get to see them yet though, they went to my moms house. But they must be cool because I couldn't hold her attention for more than a minute on the phone because she was so entranced by them, lol. :)

Also did some pricing on making hearts for our venue today after work- Kinkos had the best price, not too bad for 500 copies-- I would prob spend more printing them out myself. Gotta prepare myself to cut hundreds of hearts out now!! Ohhh! And a little aside here- when I was pulling into staples to price cardstock, "In Her Eyes" came on my IPod...Ok so coincidence?? I think not. :) Perhaps a sign.

Hopefully I get enough money for my B-Day to get a new digital camera. My mom and I are making a scrap book of the two concerts we still have yet to attend- Norfolk and Hershey- Wooo Hoo!! :) :)

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