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i quit my job

lindyjean's picture
on June 21, 2007 - 9:34pm

so, i've hated my job for a long time, but i really hate looking for another one, so i've hung around. i couldnt' even say i liked the people i work with all that much...they are nice enough, but the doc i work for doesn't let us talk socially. he is strange. anyway, there have been a lot of things that are wrong with the place, mostly the fact that the doc and i just simply do not get along. we have pushed and pushed each other for quite some time---seems i believe in being nice to patients and other offices, and he doesn't think that's important---among other things. anyway, today, after yet another talk about how he doesn't think my heart is in my job---ha ha ha----i decided that it was time to go, even without any job waiting in the wings. this is a huge step for me....i like security and knowing that i have a paycheck coming in----i will have to really hustle for a job, but i'll take a minimum wage job if it makes me happy. it's come to that. i don't relish facing him on monday--tomorrow is friday, and i don't work on fridays. he'll come in and get my letter of resignation, and start calling me---i will not answer, but he will call and call and call til i do. it's a power thing, and i will talk to him when i feel like it, flexing my own power. and the next couple of weeks will be awkward, to say the least, but, i do not believe in leaving without giving notice, so, i'll stick it out. now i will have to hustle for a job, and while i hate that, i think i'll be happier getting out of that toxic, any encouragement anyone can offer, i'll gladly take it....

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