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on June 22, 2007 - 1:45am

Nothing much going on...same-o, same-o.

I was member of the day earlier this week. Kind of humorous...why exactly do they have that?

One of the comments on my journal is interesting. Why isn't it ok to be sad on an anniversary of a sad event in my life? And how am I supposed to call my mom to cheer her up when she is also deceased (which, I guess, I didn't say, but did imply in my entry.)? It's not like I wallow in sadness over this every day of my life....but on the anniversary, it is on my mind...

Oh well...on to other things. I am really worried about my friend Donna. The last time I spoke with her, things didn't sound good, and I haven't really heard from her for awhile except for a couple of forwarded e-mails. I've been meaning to call her all week, but I've just been way busy this week. That's no excuse, and I really need to call her...maybe this weekend, I'll be able to. I'll be at my second job, but it's usually not too busy there, so I can probably try to call her.

And speaking of my second job, I got a call from the lab manager there yesterday while I was sleeping, and he left a message. He is working on next month's schedule, and he is going to take away one of the weekends I was planning to work next month, and if I want to discuss it, I can call him. Well, I'll be over there this weekend, and I can discuss it with him then, I guess. I think he and one of the regular staff are in a p*ssing contest over hours. Kind of long to explain, but when I go over there to work, whoever is on call until I get there splits the weekend with me. And somehow, it seems, they are short hours then. That doesn't make sense to me...they all work M-F 8 hours, then are on call after hours...and the weekends, they work about 4 hours Sat & Sun, and then are on call. When they get called in, that's all overtime. So they actually work 44 hours a week, plus what they get on call. When I was there about a month ago, this regular staff member was complaining about the manager, and how he was making her split the weekends with me because he doesn't want to lose hours, and how she needs the hours too. She had the nerve to complain about that right in front of me. So I told her that I could solve the problem by not coming over to work at all. Except, I really need the money, mainly for "Josh Money" but also since I just bought a new car...I really do like the extra money I earn there. I guess, I would think they would appreciate a break from being on call. And I have been volunteering to work there more often than normal because I do want to save money, especially for my 2 August trips. I'll be in Salt Lake City the first weekend of August for my brother-in-law's wedding, and then later in August for my 3 concert extravaganza, I'll be gone for a week. So, I guess, I'm not as appreciated as they CLAIM I am. They always tell me how much they appreciate me coming there to work...but maybe not. I certainly could find a part time job in town that does not require me to drive 80 miles one way just to go to work for a couple of days. So, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that job. I guess if they want to p*ss and moan that I'm taking their hours....they can have them. I can figure out something else if I have to!

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