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life is good

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on June 22, 2007 - 7:56pm

okay, so the boss didn't call. he may not have even found my letter---his office has mail and books and charts and boxes of old stuff piled up all around his desk, the floor, the shelves....stuff from ten years ago....i've stated that our office looks like the homes of those odd reclusive people who have stacks of newspapers strewn down their hallways, and little trails thru the stacks of books and debris.....if there was ever a fire there, it'd go up like a book of matches, there's so much paper laying about...
anyway, no call. i'm really surprised. i'm sure he's celebrating, since we've been playing this waiting game, to see who'd cave in first....either i'd quit, or he'd have to fire me, and we are both stubborn, and i finally gave up. he won the battle, but i won the war.
i applied to a couple of jobs, got some applications to other places....i was too antsy to sleep, so i was up til after 4 AM, and slept til almost 11 AM....didn't get in as much job-hunting as i wanted, but, i'm entitled to a day of contentment before going out and getting rejected from most jobs....
i was hoping there would be some news about the next BSP contest, or my tickets for my show....but, no....maybe monday, when wyatt comes back in. i spent too much time in the itunes it just me, or do some of you have trouble finding songs???? i have about five now that i cannot find...and while a couple are kind of obscure, one is by Fleetwood Mac, and you'd think it'd be there. the others are either old (mid-70s), or perhaps there is some kind of problem with who owns what, cuz some of the group's music is available, but not the ones i'm looking for.....anyway, saved myself a few bucks by not finding them??? not really, i just bought other songs....anyone else have this addiction????
well, gotta go....bye

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