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Lights, Camera...Action & Put On the Smile

vijaykumar's picture
on June 25, 2007 - 11:53pm

I know it may sound strange to what I'm listening to on the Josh Groban fansite, but don't worry, Richard Marx was one of the producers to Josh's first album called "To Where You Are".

I hope you guys won't kick me out for listening to Richard's songs..hehehe..

Anyway..back to the main subject, the media.

Speaking about the media, they could be cruel, nasty, and can say things that will break you down.

In contrast with celebrities dealing with heartbreak everyday, I deal with the same problem too, but you know what? You have to put a smile to your face even if people throw their nasty attitudes at work.

If you don't, negative problems can lead to nasty conflicts that can be very distructive & deadly.

Therefore, if I feel that my work is not appreciated at all, I would still consider that person ignorant, but just put a smile to my face and pretend nothing happened and put on a show..

As a performer myself, I've experienced dealing with show biz since I was elementary school all the way there I learned how to put on a show and let it keep on going no matter how bad a situation gets..

The bottom line is..if you make a mistake during a performance at a concert, don't make a face that you messed must keep on going.. pick up where you left off or just imrov the whole performance until end.

After the performance done, you may go from the beginning where you've made the mistake and perfect it.

Josh, I'm sure you'd agree with what I am trying to say.. right..

Hey! You're a performer for all your life, you know what I'm talking about..

Anyway, if the going get rough just keep put a show for the road and move on with your life..therefore as time moves on you'll learn how to put on a performance no one can see you do as result you'll find relief to whatever make them be unappreciative to you.

If that doesn't work, just ignore that situation and never lose hope of what you are capable of doing.

Just an advice from a person who's had the experience to a person who going through the rough spots..

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