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A temporary new do

Rileysmom's picture
on June 27, 2007 - 3:09pm

I got myself a new do. Yes, it was very much time to get the hair cut, so I called up my girl at Ross the Boss and told her to sharpen up the scissors...I was a comin' to see her. Her name is Loni and she is just SO COOL! Tall and thin and always has some funky streak of color in her hair. She doesn't talk much but when she does it's always something very witty or sarcastic. I love that.

So when I arrived she asked what we were doing and I said "Sigh....same ol, same ol I guess. I just want to be gorgeous if that's possible." Then I said, "Actually my daughter wants me to have totally straight hair!" So she said she would straighten it to see how it would do.
She cut, then dried it, then pulled out this straightening iron. It didn't take too long to straighten me all out and man I LOVED IT!!!! It was so sleek and straight and sexaaaayyy!!!
I got home and Reagan loved it. Riley asked if we could have my old hair back. Robert made fun of me because he's an assclown, but then he said "Nooo!! Now...Honey!!! You know I'm kidding you!! I love you!! It's beautiful!!!"
So I finally believed him. heh heh.

I went to bed and woke up and lo and behold the straight was gone!!! Dang it!!!

I tried to straighten it back out and no can do!!

Today I was forced to wash it and's back to the same old hair just 1/2 inch shorter. BOOOOOO!

I'm going to go buy a straightening iron because I loved straight hair on me.

Here's the funny hair used to be straight as a board.
I can't figure it out...but after having babies my hair went all wavy.
In the 80's we would pay big bucks to get these perms to have big huge hair.
Now that I have the wave...I want it straight.
Fear not dear readers! I will have straight hair again!!

Edit: I tried to put a pic of it in my profile. Hopefully it worked.

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