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Bouncing with joy!

vijaykumar's picture
on July 1, 2007 - 6:06am


Sarah and Josh on television today - is too excited for words. I've been bouncing around since 7:00am, I'm just THAT excited. And my sisters have been informed that if I want the channel flicked over to CTV, it is to be DONE. Cause it is Sarah and Josh - my two FAVOURITE vocalists. I hope it's true they're singing together, that would be beyond awesome. I wish it could be something like singing 'All I Ask of You', but I doubt that. I don't just think that song cause it is one of my vocal pieces either, and Michael always started off the intro by saying "Now imagine you're singing this to pretty Josh and you'll get the emotion dead on."

Him and Tony teased me something horrid after I met Josh, but that's okay from them. It was other people at the college who ticked me off over it.

Either way - OMGOMGOMG - Sarah and Josh. I'm gonna die.

Oh yes...someone (I forget your username right now) asked where I got those huge pixie sticks. I find them at dollar stores or even toy stores. They're as long as my arm, and I kid not. I think there are pictures of Josh with them floating around, if you need an idea of just how big they are. :)

OMG, Sarah and Josh singing today!

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