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Making Memories!! This happened a year ago, lol!

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on July 3, 2007 - 11:22am

Well, Well, Well, the school year for me has ended. Pitty, no? Eh, whatever that only means one thing for me.
What can I say it was just another school year. I mean the point of switching schools was a little freaky. I can remember what my friend JD said to me before I went to the Christian school. She said that there was gonna be a bunch of snobs there waiting to eat me alive. I can tell ya I was petrified. Because well I guess she figured that cause it was a wealthy school.
When I got there she was a little wrong, there was some nice people, but I can definateley remember when I met KK Snider, Crazydreamer, Dramachic, and there was one more she is Brittakis. I remember standing in the weightroom the teacher stood there, "Where are those girls?" He said. The thing that went through my head was ,"OH, crap! Girls! Im gonna die!" They all came crashin through the door like a bunch of maniacs. I can tell you this, what they seem like on Blogster, they are a total different thing in real life. I mean CRAZY!!!
Well I got through the the next classes till History. I dont know about you, but I love LOTR, so I had a weekly planner of it. Well A girl named Jamie came over and sat next to me, she seemed to be the class clown. So when she saw the planner she yelled out, "Eww! Lord of The Rings!! I hate that! Hey Allie! This girl likes LOTR too!" That is when I met Silenz.
Over the year I shared my laughs and inside jokes. I had my drama, and I had my problems with grades. But I thank them for bein my friends. And it was not terrible at all, it was totally enjoyable. It was nothing as seemed. I actually enjoyed school, and looked forward to it each day. I can tell ya this, it definateley made my relationship with God and Jesus much better. I mean if you watched the movie Saved, its not like that at all, well it is but the girls dont get pregnent and there isnt a person goin around spray painting the school, that was meesed up.
Just another school year. But the end of the school years are supposed to be happy right? Well, my end of the school year sucked! I promise myself this it wont ever happen again! I cant tell you what happened, whether it was in school or out of school. I just know that the end of the school really set me to loose my mind. Not that I already havent. Well, it wont happen again, not ever! Cause I have gots a plan for me and plus the summer is long. Very long. And Im leavin my little home for 3 weeks, Im gonna, like I said in the rose article. I R really goin to dissapear. Well from my home at least. But yeah, just writin what is on my mind.

((((((((((((((Isnt this interesting this a blog post from last year!!! LOL! I love my old self!!! )))))))))

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