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Fourth of July

vijaykumar's picture
on July 5, 2007 - 11:55am

Hi Everyone!! Hope you all had a fun fourth of july!! I went to the movies to see Transformers!! What an awesome movie!!! Then it was back to my house for a small BBQ. Just me, my boyfriend and my sister. We played some board games and then watched another movie. Then finally went outside to enjoy some fireworks. My mom had went out to the beach with my aunt in the morning and then headed to my uncles for a bbq. It was fun for all of us. Seems like life is getting back to normal.

Now for the bad news.. On monday my friend, (vivien), me, my sister and my mom went out to the restuarant The Melting Pot for ladies night. Its a fondue place and for $17 you get cheese & chocolate fondue along with a martini. We were haveing a great time when I injured myself badly. I was trying to get a piece of broccli on my skewere, When I pressed too hard went through the broccli and into my hand. I started to bled, pulled out the skewere and then panic! My mom and I ran itno the bathroom to run water over it. I started to turn pale, sweat, and started to feel sick. Suddenly I started to hear ringing in my ears, when that happened I knew I was in trouble. I did get sick and the blood stopped after awhile. My hand bcame swollen and I ended up going to an urgent care clinical the next day for a tetanous booster. Not fun I hate needles! I still have my left hand wrapped up. It hurts when I move my thumb or close my hand, so I have a mummy hand. lol.. I hope it gets better soon.
Well thats my luck!! Thats why Im sticking to good old fashion silverwear!! LOL..

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