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WOW I'm totally chuffed ...

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on July 9, 2007 - 4:25am

I'm sorry -- it's been a while since I've posted a journal entry but dang I've been busy - working and babysitting infants. Good Lord, why is it that they have the kids and I'm the one stuck watching them? Ugh!! If I'd have wanted to have another one I'd have had another one! But really they are a joy ... Miss Allie is still too young to have fun with but Miss Emma - good grief what a cute little thing!! She's reaching for everything, putting whatever she can find into her mouth and grunting when she wants something -- gonna have to fix that soon too that's for sure! She's on the brink of crawling - in fact yesterday she made a few strides towards crawling towards something - now the real fun starts!!

So I went to see the Transformers movie and absolutely LOVED it!!! I nearly died when the thing they were searching for was a giant cube hahahahaha! Yeah that was funny but the movie was SPECTACULAR!! I hope it does really, really well because it should - it's fantastic how they brought the characters to life not to mention very, very exciting watching them transform in "real life"!! My oldest child was maybe 4 or 5 when the Transformer cartoon movie first came out and it was the first movie I had taken him to and so to go see it now not only with him but with my youngest son brought a few tears to my eyes. I'll never forget it!

Sooooooooo writing ... I don't ever seem to have enough time for it and when I do finally get to writing someone's pestering me or baby boy is reading over my shoulder. Not a good thing if you are aware of what I am writing ... basically fan fiction but precursor to actual novels. It is my dream to someday be published!! Anyway, it upsets me very much that I can't seem to get any alone time to do what I love to do and plan on making it a priority in the future. For right now I have to get those clocks made ... aaarrggghh!!

Talk to you soon!!! *muah*


Oh duh! I never said why I was so delighted ... anyway - word seems to be spreading about my writing and LOTS of people have asked to read it. I'm really amazed and proud that they would WANT to -- makes me really want to get published now! Thanks guys, you're a source of great encouragement.

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