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That went well.

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on July 9, 2007 - 7:35pm

This last week has been horrific. Well, maybe not that dramatically bad, but seriously. I was planning a trip north to see some friends, but I had some issues. The first one being the friend I always stay with just had a baby. I'm happy for her, but with my current situation I can't really stand the idea of babies. Seeing what I'm not going to have (yes, I know you can adopt, but still). I'm sure the baby is the sweetest and all, but just kinda feels like a slap in the face.

*sigh* Next to I'm still trying to get the nagging out of the back of my mind that I'm never going to get married if I can't have children. Yeah, I know that is far from true and my ex-roomie is the world's biggest idiot (trust me on that, I have examples).

Our father is having fits over our youngest sister, since she stays out until all hours of the night. She usually comes in just before dawn, which wakes everyone up. Why yes, she is highly considerate of everyone, thank you for asking. :P Drives me insane.

The trip I eventually called off, not just because of my feelings over babies, but the bus schedule. I could get there no trouble, but getting back to my father's house? The only bus was at 2:00am, and it was going to take ten hours. I know from experience this city is only a five hour bus trip. And I'm not paying for a taxi to stand at a bus station that will likely be closed, but myself, at night, waiting on a bus. That's just tempting fate.

I just hope they understand, it's not just me, it's the bus schedule! There used to be more buses, I have no clue what happened there. But I really think I'd be straining myself to feel happy all the time anyway around the baby.

Not to mention I haven't been feeling well anyway. Blah, oh well, I'm sure they'll understand.

Can't wait for September, get back to singing and acting.

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