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Life is good.........

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on July 15, 2007 - 3:25pm

My people made it home from Myrtle Beach. They rolled in around 2:00. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder and more appreciative.
Reagan had a hair wrap in and had collected a shoe box full of seashells.
Riley had a faded Spongebob tat and a scratch on his face from surfboarding.
Robert was even more tan and scraggley. Yummy!

All I asked for was a huge sand dollar and a starfish. They didn't let me down. Of course they had to buy them in a store, but I loved them none the less.

So glad they're home.

SO glad that I took Reagan to the pet store and bought her a rabbit with her left over money from the beach. Ahhhh! I'm such a pushover! It wasn't just the rabbit. I had to get the cage, the food, etc., etc.

She loves animals. At first we were going to look at Chinchillas. That was a little over budget for something that may not live very long. She said I just want "something" furry. So naturally they had a whole pen of cute little rabbits - on sale mind you.

I pray this thing lives. I cannot tell you how many guinea pigs I've scooped up and put into a paper bag, followed by a whole day of weeping.
The store clerk told me that she has one and it's lived a month so far.
Boy, that's reassuring!!

Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend!

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