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Random Acts of Kindness

vijaykumar's picture
on July 16, 2007 - 2:45pm

A bit of random rambling if you all don't mind :) Well maybe not completely random- I did experience random acts of kindness today, so thats why I was thinking of it!

So I was thinking today- People should do more random acts of kindness- if everyone just did little things- wouldn't it be great!

Doesn't it make your day if you are in line at the supermarket and you only have one item and the person in front of you lets you go ahead, or if you're short money and the person behind you pays the difference, or how about if someone just holds a door open for you (or just saying thank you). Makes ya a little warm and fuzzy huh?

:) My challenge to everyone- try more acts of kindness :) Its good for you and others!

Other than that - its super hot here! The humidity needs to go away. :) But theres only 4 more days until the NORFOLK concert yay!! Still searching that database I call my mind for my joke- will have one tommorow hopefully.

AND CONGRATS to the greenville winners, cute jokes :)

Ta Ta for Now :)

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