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Fires, Fires, Everywhere!!!

SamsGirl2002's picture
on July 20, 2007 - 1:21am

Good God!!! The western US is on fire...everywhere. 2 weeks ago I didn't make it to my second job (good-bye Josh money) because the interstate was closed due to fire. This weekend, I'm not going because I've been sick all week with a cold, and the smoke in the air isn't helping (good-bye Josh money take 2). Oh, well...I do have a way to scrounge up a bit more money, so I'm not too worried about it. I'm more worried about even attempting the trip in August. I can just see getting stuck somewhere with the roads closed due to fire, and not making one of the concerts. The one I really want to make is Nampa, ID..the first one because that's the one where I have a front row seat. I'm also kind of worried because I don't want to come home to my house burned to the ground! But I can't worry about it...just gotta deal with whatever happens. I saw a map in the paper this evening...there are fires everywhere...Northern Nevada, Southern Idaho, Oregon, Utah. And I wish it would rain...not just these sprinkles we've gotten the past couple of days, but a good downpour. That's one thing I miss about Minnesota...the rain, but I'm not sure they're seeing much rain these days either.

I just hope Josh gets well quickly. I was sad to hear he was sick. He's a smart guy and knows to take care of himself. Poor guy, he works so hard, probably too hard. Maybe he worked too much during the break between concert dates recording that Christmas CD. Traveling, and working too much can wear a person out...even a young guy like Josh. And I hope that the smoke in the air is cleared by the time he comes west...I'm sure it could wreak havoc on his lovely instrument!!!!

Not much else going on. Sam and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary by....working. Yeah, we both worked last Friday, so we didn't get a lot of quality time on the actual date. Probably a good thing. Not sure Friday the 13th is the best day to celebrate anything. haha. That's the superstitious health care worker in me....nearly everyone I know who works in healthcare is superstitious, which is kind of unusual for otherwise educated people.

Not much else to write for now, except this....


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