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Things are going slow...

vijaykumar's picture
on July 20, 2007 - 5:02pm

Hey guys! I´m just about to go to bed when i thought of doing something that always makes me as happy as usual, that is writing to you and telling you about my days as they go by and making them more important than they seem by sharing them with you :D... Just trying to be funny haha, ok anyways, studying for my exam everyday, and it´s going so slooow, feels as if I just got my motivation back yet again realizing there is nothing else i would like to do in this world than take care of people in need (weeell except for having Josh´s voice, or maybe just being his friend or maybe do a collaboration, or listening to him doing a beautiful ballad with mariah carey - if she would sing the way she used to) Ok, that´s alot of things I can imagine myself doin instead of being a doctor...but they´re not realistic dreams. Who knows hahaah!

But as i said, today was a good study day, hopefully i´ll study more tomorrow with alot of coffee.. and I mean alot! Just bought two kinds, one with the taste of chocolate (GOD KNOWS HOW MUCH I LIKE CHOCOLATE) and one called irish Cream, tastes abit like hazelnuts! Kind of good...So that´s tomorrow (well today actually) books and alot of caffein! It´s so funny how one can write this much about nothing really... OK off to bed now.. I´ll talk to you soon.. hey! Now I thought about something interesting to say! I´m going to do a nosejob! Assyrians are known for their big noses, and i´m finally doing a nosejob, so happy finally it will look normal! You can´t believe how difficult it is watching all swedes with tiny noses while you walk around with a parrot on your face haha.. sounds funny I know, but finally the parrot goes off! But it´s not untill after christmas though, just saying, it´s finally happening :D ok that´s it, the happy news of the week.. talk to you guys later.. Good night!

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