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Harry Potter! HARRY POTTER!

vijaykumar's picture
on July 22, 2007 - 6:15am

Ooooh, i´m so excited! (and i just can´t hide it) had to write that too...inevideble anyhooow, yesterday i bought the last Harry Potter book and i´ve been reading it for over eight hours and enjoy every word of the masterpiece! Don´t worry I won´t spoil anything, but I have not yet decided if I should read everything today or elongate the pleasure of what is a wonderful story about Harry, Ron and Hermione! can´t seem to let the book down, and as I´m writing this I feel the erge to go and read moore, it´s such an obsession! I figured If i read it all today then i´ll have more time studying, but then again i want to read it slowly so that the experience doesn´t fade away fast. But then again, i´ll be able to read the books all over again and really enjoy every book as i don´t have to wait years for the followers now that i hav them all! :D Ok! i´ll go and read more now, just felt the need to tell you that i´m excited, so now you know ahah! Ok talk to you more after another 8 hours, bye!

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