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It Never Fails

vijaykumar's picture
on July 24, 2007 - 2:09pm

Well, it never fails. As soon as I think that things are slowing down, BAM! It hits you like a mack truck. I finally thought that I would be able to take a kind of breather from work but life seems to be making the "Neener Neener Stick Your Tongue Out with Bullwinkle Fingers on your forehead face" at me. I was gonna sneak away early and get some stuff done but the boss just called and gave me more contracts get out and job orders to fill. GAH! How's a girl supposed to look all purtied up (and read Obi's stories) when she has to work elventy kajillion hours in the day? Scratch the plans, time for plan B to go into effect. Plan B being brush hair and look semi-decent for a date tonight. Bleh.

Not only am I nervous enough as it is, the guy had to go and change plans on me. We were just gonna meet for coffee and catch up (known him for a while but lost touch). He calls today and suggests that we go the Houston Astros' game instead. Stupid me, I open my mouth before thinking because I am the biggest Astros' fan there is and all I could hear was "go to the Astros game." Hell I didn't even think of who I was going to be going with. MAJOR DUH! So now, I've got -3 hours to get my crap done, get somewhat decent looking and get to the ballpark all while not sweating my ass off and stirring up what my friends and I like to call "man stink" (that would be the stink that comes about from sweating so much that you can't even play it off as the female glow--it's definite sweat and stink--the stink where you can smell yourself). Wish me luck!

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