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on July 24, 2007 - 9:15pm

Ok let's see the computer is actually offline so I'm typing this in word - It's a rainy afternoon the type you just want to curl up and listen to Josh of course. Have started getting my list together for the Wilkes Barre concert, the Norfolk concert is still so fresh in my mind I can still visualize everything it's so wonderful. When I go to the Hershey concert I have VIP tickets and access to private venders so hopefully I can get some neat stuff for my memory book. Rachel is excited about making hearts and other things for the shows and I'm interested in the memory book so it works out really well for us. She doesn't know scrap booking like I do and I already have stuff from the DC and Norfolk Shows. The cover of the memory book will be fancied up by me sewing on lace and pretty fabric. The pages will each be clothe or parchment it's going to be so kewl - I know Rachel will love it. It's not meant to surprise her but the quality will be more than she expects.

Just spoke to Rachel she wasn't happy with the idea of lace. So I guess I'll have to change that. I wish she would let me do it up my way - I always tell her to do things the way she wants to but I am the mommy so I guess that's the way it is. No lace.

Later in the evening ......... ..... computer is still down so I'm still using Word to write my journal. I changed over my key chain to the Josh one it's got the cute doodle on it and it's in blue and white instead of red and white like the one I have had for the last umpteen years that says something else on it.

Been listening to a new singer for me his name is Mika his voice is adorable very different style than Josh. I don't want to overdue my Joshness...... oh my did I actually write that ????? So Rachel arranged for us to have dinner with some other Grobies that are going to Wilkes Barre I'm excited to meet new people. I just hope that the drive to WB is easier than to Norfolk - Rachel made me nervous when driving and I made her nervous so we were on each other's nerves hopefully we'll be more comfortable this trip. We'll take my car again since hers has double the miles on it and I don't put that many miles on my car as a rule (since I don't work) although I'm going to try and get a consulting job or two in September since the disability hasn't come through and I'm getting to that point where it's getting very irritating.

Finally the computer has connected so here we are. Thanks for all who have commented. Bless you. Rachel and I will try and get a camera into the venue. Someone told me that when you enter the venues try and get a mail because women tend to check more thoroughly. Be well to all.


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