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back from vacation

lindyjean's picture
on July 24, 2007 - 10:41pm

spent nine days on vacation...started going across the state to the eastern sierras, up near mammoth is so beautiful there---glaciers clinging to the side of the sheer rocky sides of the mountains, fantastic trees, and lots of water...we were up with some friends for a fishing derby...i don't fish, but i love to go to where fish are, so while my HOG happily fished for trout, i finished reading one book, read another, and started on a third before we then crossed back across the state to Napa Valley....spent one night there, then out to the coast, where we spent the night at the Pt Arena Lighthouse (the one at the end of the Mel Gibson movie, "forever young". we stayed in one of the quarters they have there for guests....beautiful place, secluded, quiet....then, further up the coast to Mendocino, Ft Bragg, Crescent City and southern Oregon....we camped some, and got rained on, but hey, it's NorCal, and rain is always a possibility there....collected a big bag of sea glass in Ft Bragg, saw squishy banana slugs in the redwoods, and saw millions of tall, tall trees....loved it, but i do confess, when the redwood and pine started to give way to the familiar coastal oaks of our area, it felt good. i got my fix of big trees for a while, and saw enough rocky coastline to keep me for a few more months. now, it's time to look for a new where i'm happy, where my boss isn't a dick, and where my co-workers have a sense of humor.

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