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SMH's make an impression! haha

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on July 26, 2007 - 1:51am

I love Angela and Vicky's report from tonight's show. Damn, I think if Josh stuck his tongue out at me, I'd be on the floor needing CPR. haha I kind of wish I had a 'ho to go with me to one of my concerts. Sounds like they had a wonderful time..oh, wait, I forgot, Lori will be at the Stockton show. Woo-Hoo!!!! But I don't know where she's sitting...probably not anywhere near me.

My friend, Pat, bought my extra tickets for Nampa...well, she hasn't officially bought them yet, but she called yesterday when I was trying to sleep and talked to Sam. She told him she wanted them and would see me tonight. It turns out she's on call tonight, but will be here tomorrow night, so I'll give them to her then. Yay!!! I was starting to get worried because I really needed to sell them and was afraid I would end up going on e-bay to try to sell them. I'd rather sell them to someone who I know, and who I know will enjoy the show. God knows who would buy them on e-bay...could be a Godd*mn scalper. Don't want to sell them to someone who would try to rip off Josh or his fans!!!!

Let's see, what else? Oh, the fires have appeared to have died down, but there is still a lot of smoke in the air. And I'm still coughing, but not as bad. I ended up in the ER...I think I mentioned that...anyway, I have bronchitis, and I decided (again) to try to quit smoking. Vicky is so D*MN funny. She told me she's gonna ride my butt until I quit. (Personally, I can think of a certain young man who I'd like to ride my butt....OMG, did I say that out loud? Oh, yeah...I did!!!! And I meant it too!!!!)And then, she PM'd me a pic of a diseased lung...and told me to look at that pic every time I want to smoke. God, she cracks me up!!! I'm actually doing pretty good with the not smoking, so far...I haven't had one since yesterday morning, and I've only really wanted one a couple of times. This morning when TJ comes in to work she's going to want me to smoke with her, and a couple of other people have asked me tonight...but I've stuck to my guns so far. I hope I can quit this time. I really don't like to smoke, and I sure don't want to continue to have bronchitis. So...I'm still coughing, and in addition...I am enjoying (another) migraine tonight. Actually, I don't have migraines very often, thank God, and they usually aren't that severe, compared to other people I know who get them. But, I'm working in the middle of the night wearing sunglasses because the light is bothering my eyes. That's just too D*MN much fun for words.

I've decided a Starbucks with a drive up window on the end of town I frequent is going to KILL my diet!!!! That is just way too convenient!!!! Oh...and tonight, Sam and I went there after dinner, and when I pulled up to the window, I turned up the stereo, and (of course), I had "Awake" in the CD player. The woman waiting on us stuck her head out the window to hear what I was listening to...and I told her it was Josh and she got all excited and told me he is going to be in Salt Lake City on August 28. I told her I knew because I was going. Then she said she was "a little bit jealous." We talked a bit more, and she said that she's on his website every day...I don't know if she meant FOJG or just JG, and she has all his CD's. Before we left, she told me I could "come back there anytime I wanted." Isn't it a free country? Couldn't I already do that? haha

Checking out the jokes that are winning for the BSP contest....OMG, a couple of them have been really funny. But honestly, most of them have been rather lame. If those are the jokes that are winning, I don't stand a chance in H*LL because the ones I submitted are D*MN funny compared to the ones that seem to be winning. Oh, well...I won't win anyway, but it sure would be fun if I did!!!

I'm so glad I finally found a group of women on here that I feel comfortable with. I was starting to think I would never find a place where I fit in. I just wish I could be online with them more, because I still am kind of an outsider...but that's's still fun when I do get to hang out with them online.

OK, I gotta figure out what I'm gonna put in a gift bag for Joshie besides Map-o-Spread...If I'm in the front row, I for damn sure am gonna give him a gift!!!! I suppose I need to find a BNM...and I was thinking a toy for Sweeney. There's also a place in town, (if I can find it) that makes hand-dipped of the doctor's always gives us a box for Christmas, and they are to die for....maybe a box of those for Josh. Angela and Vicky already gave him a T-shirt from the SMH's, so I don't think that's necessary. HMMMM...don't know what else to give him....I'll have to think about it!!!! I'm open to suggestions.....

God, there's a new pic of Josh in the SA thread...HOLY MOTHER OF GOD....I had to pull it up over in the ER so I could show Sue...BE STILL MY HEART!!!! I'm going to HAVE to print it out as a magnet for my locker. Holy hell, that man is hot. It's just wrong...should definitely be illegal!!!

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