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Good Bye! Keep An Eye!

FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on July 27, 2007 - 10:12am

Oh my gosh - why is it so hard to get out of town? I think as women, we can't just "leave" but we have to make sure lists are made for kids and hubby...regarding their ENTIRE life, 'cause we're the ones that keep "life" on task - bills are paid - last minute house detail - packing - etc etc.

I had the whole day set aside to just get organized so I could leave without that icky gut feeling.............but;
Hannah woke up with a BAD toothache and we've spend 1/2 the day at the dentist :( Too bad for her, but it also put a wrench in my day......oh well, kids come first! Off the pity party!

Visited another college for her yesterday - awesome! Now she just has to decide between two.

As I've mentioned, I'm gone until Thursday the 2nd, so keep me up on JOSH news! You know, I've always wanted to be "MEMBER OF THE DAY" - so watch for that for me and let me know if I miss it, K!!! I'm counting on all of YOU, my Grobanite friends!!!!

Take care, God bless, and happy Josh dreams until we talk again next week! :)

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