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Reprimanding Josh?

SamsGirl2002's picture
on July 28, 2007 - 3:54am

OK, before you rip me a new one....I have to say, I do see the point....

Apparently HRH is loosening up on stage...quite a bit, from the reports. He's starting to remove his belt? What's next? *wondering...and enjoying wondering* I think it's hilarious!!! Go ahead Josh...take it off!!! haha You'll get no argument from me!!!! Now, my husband...well, he'd probably try to prevent me from enjoying the view...*snicker* Try being the operative word!!!

OK...but I do see the point some people have made. I know people do take their kids to the show, and perhaps some of the innuendo isn't appropriate for children. But, hey...he is a 26 year old man...and besides, anything he might say is still really tame compared to some performers.

My bronchitis is just about gone...YAY!!! I can breathe again, at least until the next round of fires start up!!! I hope there aren't too many, but I did have an idea for a sign to hold up at the Nampa concert...if the fires are out, there goes my idea...(No, I'm not gonna tell...I'm gonna wait and see if there are some more fires...)

I was joking that since I'm nearly recovered from my bronchitis, it's about time to start smoking again. Vicky told me if I did, she was going to send me another "diseased lung" in my PM box!!! She cracks me up!!!

I definitely don't want to start smoking again. But I'm running out of bad habits to break...I rarely drink (never when I have to drive, which is 99.9% of the time). I try to eat right most of the time. Now, I don't smoke...pretty soon I'll be NO D*MN FUN at all!!!!

I've decided though, regarding my diet...having a Starbucks with a drive-up window on the end of town that I go to ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME is going to be my downfall...D*MN THOSE FRAPPACINO'S ANYWAY!!!! Must learn to drive past Starbucks...hehe

25 days to Nampa concert (counting today). Thank you Joivana for that front row seat with you...what will I do if I'm that close to HRH? Josh, you really, really NEED to know CPR...just in case I *THUD* and can't get up. *snicker* Maybe I could PRETEND to *THUD* and not be able to get up...just to see what he does. Maybe not...I don't wanna scare the poor guy!!! On the other hand, he needs to be learn that there are consequences if he starts taking off articles of clothing in front of us...*snicker*

OK, I'm just rambling maybe I'll shut up!!! I'm just really in a good mood, and wanted to write something...

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