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Happy Saturday

vijaykumar's picture
on July 28, 2007 - 6:46am

Hi all- Its the weekend Wooo Hoo :)

I have so much stuff to do - pack for next week, work on thesis, do errands.. Oh my busy busy.

I was reading some stuff on the Manchester NH reports on the boards.. and personally I love Josh's interaction and monolouge in the show! I think he has stayed light and funny and i enjoy him making the show his own. I have been to many other concerts and while they are amazing as well the shows are just not the same as his! (he's got a little sumthin sumthin) I hope people comments don't make him scale back on doing what he loves to do in terms of ineracting with the audience. I think he knows what too far is (due to ages of his audience)and hasn't gone and won't go there. Seriously people don't blow it out of proportion.

I must stress everyone is entitled to their opinion, and my opinion is I adore His music, his show, and his stage presence and can't wait for Tuesday and Friday!

But keep in mind we all have something very special in common- his music touches us! So be nice everyone :) I won't judge you for your opinion and please don't judge me for mine- Love you all ::Grobie Hugs::

[Cheesball alert hehe]

Keep doing what your doing Josh- and enjoy it all!

Everyone enjoy the shows as well! Have fun.. :)

Ta Ta for Now :)

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