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forgot what I wanted to write...

vijaykumar's picture
on July 28, 2007 - 11:43am

In the words of Mariah carey in her song close my eyes: "As I Close my eyes, steady my feet on the ground raise my head to the sky, and the time´s rolled by, still I feel like a child as I look at the moon, maybe I grew up a little too soon" I come to think about the rarety of a thing called childhood.

Sitting in my room, wich these days is sort of my hideout from everybody... except for my two precious nieces who are on the floor beside me drawing pictures... they´re both six years old and completally diffirent and still eachothers best friends. You got to love that! I felt so grown up looking at how they acted and remembering the last time I was their age, seems so looong ago. It´s so easy to forget ones childhood and the way things used to be, watching my brothers and sisters children grow up around me I just think they grow up way to fast knowing way to much! Not that they should be kept from the real world, well they should untill a certain age, seems they´re exposed to way to much to early! Looking at them now I just felt like a child again, it´s truly a wonderful feeling we don´t feel anymore. It´s a shame to forget that feeling of innocence and complete love since our life only seems to be full of sorrow and hurt and evil bombarding us from eveywhere, the media, society and sometimes even in family. But I am glad we can move far away from all that just by glancing at child, or listening to a beautiful voice, embracing a word or just turn to our inner self...

I don´t really know If I have a point with what i´m trying to say here, well just that remember your childhood! And preserve it as long as you can for your children (both your own and your childrens).

I dedicate this to my cousine who died a month ago yesterday, again from the lyrics by Mariah Carey to the song close my eyes: "Guardian angel and I sail away on an ocean with you by my side, orange cloudes roll by, they burn in to your Image and your still alive".

Good night Grobanites

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