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Today is the DAY

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on July 31, 2007 - 1:00am

Well it is the day of the day. It’s 2:30am even though I took a sleeping pill I’m still up at the moment. The internet isn’t working so I’m doing this in Word. I’ll probably print it out and add it to my journal (my physical journal). Since this is not my computer I don’t know if I can save it and put it my blog. One really good piece of news is that on the boars I wrote about how I was making business type cards to carry to the concerts and lots of people thought it was a great idea. That made me feel really good. Writing in this blog and writing on the boards is so totally different. Here I write a lot about my feelings and write a lot. On the boards I write a quick thread and people respond to it. So if you’ve never been on the boards you should read some of the posts. I was nervous and overwhelmed at first, but Rachel showed me that it’s not as scary as all that. The one thing I’ve learned is to remember where I’ve written so I can go back and read the responses. Don’t get overwhelmed and it will all work out.

So We are leaving about 8am to go to Wilkes Barre and have set up dinner with a bunch of people and I’m so excited. I helped Rachel cut out lots of hearts tonight at least until the sleeping pills hit in and she noticed that they were getting sloppy plus she was nervous for me to use the sharp scissors. Almost like our rolls were reversed LOL.

I called Erin and told her I would miss her on this trip. I haven’t seen her in a while I guess what they say about time making the heart grow fonder or something like that. Although Sometimes I think she feels left out. But it could just be that her cat Tiger died this week. She was very close to the cat and I feel really bad. I think I should get a card - a sympathy card – a tasteful one.

Catt also misses me terribly I must be a very lucky person to have three people who love me so much. I have other less important people who I know care for me. That didn’t sound right but hopefully you know what I mean. I couldn’t spell acquaintances (Forgot that there is spell check)
love Jo

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