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Sooooo Sleepy!!!!

Veronica1776's picture
on August 2, 2007 - 11:23am

How is everybody doing? I just hope that you are doing better than me. I am soooo Sleepy!!! Ever since the date for my vacation started to get "Closer" I went in to "Awake" mode. I try to sleep, I really do, but, I end up falling asleep at 3am, just 2 hrs before I need to get up. The worse thing is that I cannot seem to consentrate on work, to top it off I come back on the 21th of August and I have the concert on the 25th !!! Double the pleasure, double the fun!!! I am trying to see if the person I have written to tells me what time the pre meet and greet is at. I had troubles with my bank and unfortunately could not send the brochures, I am gonna take them, but, I need the time. But, no worries, I'll just get there a little earlier and take them to her.
Well, break is over, and I am still sleepy and here is the other kicker, I work a 12 hr shift!!!!! (It's 11:23am!!)

Bye for now,

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