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"The midnight moon shines magic beams as faeries float right into your dreams..."

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on August 2, 2007 - 9:40pm

Ok, I know it's a little weird to be listening to Christmas music in August...but I can't help it! This isn't just any ordinary Christmas music though, it's my favorite a cappella group, M-Pact!'s Christmas music. ;o) You should check them out, they're AMAZING, I promise you won't be disappointed. I've been a fan of theirs since early 1996 (wow, I'm old, haha), and have been to at least 20 of their shows. I'm not lying, they are incredible. Ever heard of Rockapella? Yeah, this group (in my opinion) is WAY better than Rockapella. Now I'm not cracking on Rockapella, 'cause I love them too (I have a few of their CDs), but they can't top M-Pact!, it's just not possible in my mind. I could totally see Josh working with would be the most amazing thing ever. Their version of 'Oh Come, Oh Come Immanuel' is THE most beautiful rendition I think I've ever heard of that song. And everything that they do is a cappella (ok, I shouldn't say EVERYTHING, 'cause there is a track on their EP that has a drumkit percussion accompaniment, but only one)...which means ONLY human sounds, no instruments except their voices and any sounds they can make with their bodies. You should TOTALLY see them live, you'll be dumbfounded. that I've bored everyone (not that anyone reads these anyway)...

I can't wait for Josh's Christmas CD to come out. I love Christmas music as it is, and being a glorified music freak, I love ALL kinds of Christmas music. Hope he ventures outside the box (no pun intended haha) and does something incredible instead of the boring old arrangements of the same traditional songs that EVERYone and their uncle does.

Ok, I'll step off my soapbox and bow out graciously...for now. HAHA

Peace out, girl scout.

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