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Moving out, school & josh

joshlover2themax's picture
on August 3, 2007 - 12:26pm

I moved out of my house! Well actually, it is my grandparent’s house with which my family has been living with for the past year due to the fact that our house won’t sell. lol But still I moved out. I rented a room with my Aunt because I cannot afford to move to the dorms and I would be more comfortable. They do live next door to my grandparents but I am way more relaxed then ever. About three weeks ago I couldn’t go to sleep one night until two in the morning and it threw off my whole sleeping pattern. The night I moved all my stuff over and settles in I slept so well! This move is going to be really good for me. I still go over to have dinner with my family but just getting out from under the worrisome gaze of Mom and Grandma has done wonders for me already. And I just moved out three days ago! I feel all grown-up. Grandma had a hard time letting me move next door. I am nineteen-years-old! I think I can manage.

School starts at the end of the month. I am starting to get excited for it to start. Yes you heard me right I want to go to school. Summer is great but only for a little while. Eric, my little brother, is going to take some of the same classes as me. That will be fun. We can bounce ideas off of each other like we did in high school. It is fun having him be a year and a week younger than me. We do the same things and get along really well.

What I am really excited for is August 28! I can hardly contain myself just thinking about it. I get to go and see Josh Groban! *screams aloud and does the happy dance* I am so happy. I have never been to a concert like this before. And I have never seen Josh in person. I know that he will be amazing because that is just the kind of person he is. I think it will be fun to be with other Grobanites. I don’t really know any. I am bringing three other people with me and I hope they don’t think we are all crazy. lol maybe they will be Joshified and understand why I love that man so much.

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