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"What if we was cool? Not actin' like a fool..."

elsabeth99's picture
on August 3, 2007 - 1:59pm

I just got back from donating plasma, so I'm feeling like I'm on a little high. Nothing like getting a full blood flush twice a's a little invigorating and makes me feel better for some reason. My sister says it makes her feel the opposite (a little light-headed and achey/tired) when she's done. I feel great! And it makes it even better to know that I could have saved a life today by giving plasma, it's such an easy thing to do, but it means a lot to those who need it. I figure that I don't have the money to give to charities or whatever, so why not give plasma or blood? That, and they pay you...I made $40 today just by sitting in a chair for an hour listening to music.

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