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Note to Self

vijaykumar's picture
on August 3, 2007 - 2:36pm

Note to self: make sure to check speakers on computer and make sure that they are off before conference calls. D'OH! *headdesk*

I was on a conference call today with one of our clients and I was starting to get really bored (I work from home by the way so surfing FOJG with reckless abandon is not only condoned, it's expected). FOJG is always one of the windows I have up on my computer. A few minutes before the conference call, I saw the thread that had the Amazon "Machine" video on it. I watched it before the conference call and was all giddy and excited (with speakers turned on full blast) and made a note to myself to watch it again and again and again. Well the time came when the urge to watch the video again was bigger than my ability to control it so I clicked on the link. TAA DAA!!! "Machine" comes on full blast. As I try and scramble to cover up the actions of the village idiot known as Valerie, I hear "Valerie, you might want to turn that down and pay attention to the call" D'OH! *another headdesk moment* I swear it took me about eleventy kajillion minutes to find the button to turn down the speakers to the damn computer.

So, what have we learned from this ladies and gentlemen? Try to be at least somewhat stealth if and when you plan on being distracted during a conference call.

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