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Rainy Day

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on August 4, 2007 - 6:08pm

It's raining outside, but the sun is shining in my office - Josh is singing!!! :)

I had this sinking feeling today that one week from today I will have seen Josh in concert and will probably be going through the down-and-outties.........sad that another concert has come and gone and it may be years before I see him again. I wish I had money or clout to follow him around the country to just enjoy his music and his "everything" at any time I wanted. Oh, well, it's not the life I have, so I will cherish the concert Friday night and hold dear the CDs and DVDs I have of him.......until we meet again :)

I am just PRAYING that I win the joke contest; and if not that, my name is drawn in the VIP hospitality room. I'm real anxious to see what all happens there too. Maybe we can meet the band and get some pics? Maybe Josh? Although I've heard he doesn't go to those...........Oh please Josh, come and see us!!!

OK, I literally have goosebumps sitting here thinking of all of this and the possiblities of what could happen. And if none of it does, well, then I'll see him live in concert and that will be a thrill in itself!

OK, for all of you Michael Buble lovers............have you seen the YOUTUBE video of Josh surprising him at his concert? Apparently Buble likes to make fun of, or try to sing like Josh as if they are "competition" in the business. It's very cute - be sure to check it out! I just might have to go out and by a Michael Buble CD now :)

Well, my kids had their first week of marching band camp. It was pretty hot here I guess (I was in Dallas where it was quite pleasant, oddly enough) so they both have beautiful suntans. Hannah is doing well as Commander and it's Austin's first year so a big change of pace for him. He didn't like it so well on Monday, but by the end of the week....he thinks he'll enjoy the whole year. He's a little anxious about the first competition; but I just told him to pretend they're at practice, but DO HIS VERY BEST ever. It'll be a fun year - it's the most "dots" (placement on the field) they've ever had in the history of this program (20+years) and the longest program (music) too. I can't wait. I usually cry at every competition - these kids put their heart and soul into it, so it's fun to see it all come together!

It's Saturday evening, about 8:00. Feels like an Autumn night - there's a chill in the air. It rained most of the day; which we need BADLY, although I think it's too late for the crops. My grass has some "green" back - yippeeeeeeee!

Oh Lord, February Song is on....good grief.....I have butterflies that won't quit. I'm so weird, but I can't help it.

BEEZEE, our friend - are you at the concert tonight? Oh my gosh, I bet you're beside yourself!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeek
OK, now I'm actually shaking - I have to stop thinking....this is too much excitement for one old lady :)

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