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vijaykumar's picture
on August 8, 2007 - 4:10pm

OK .. OMG... I have the weirdest backwards luck guys...

I got a call from Wyatt this evening! And normally I would be extatic to hear from him.. But I didnt enter a joke for tonights concert! Bc im not going! Ack I almost had a heart attack.. still recovering. But Wyatt was soo great about it!

The Joke I entered for Hershey.. somehow ended up in tonight pile.. and get this...WON!!! so okay my jokes a winner--- but no BSP for me ...LOL

But ya know what its ok.. Two near misses.. and then 3rd times a charm. First near miss was when my moms joke was the same as the winners joke for hershey and they picked who won out of a hat btwn the two and we lost.

But ya know what! My time will come.. and I'm determined to have an AMAZING time in Charlotte!!!

Edit: Thanks so much for all your comments guys! on here and on my thread :) Its probably not Wyatt's decision if he can add another BSP for Charlotte as there are already winners.. hes been so great as it is and said he would definately keep me in mind!

Ta Ta for Now! :)

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