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Josh In Manila!

pianogoddess06's picture
on August 9, 2007 - 5:15pm

I'm so excited that Josh is going to the Philippines! I'm half Filipino and it makes me so happy that he is finally going there! I also got to start the thread announcing that he was going to the Philippines (my first starter thread!). The location that he is playing at is the PICC where big events such as Miss Universe is held and Leah Salonga holds some concerts (she plays most of the Disney Princess's singing voices). Hopefully my family overseas will be able to get tickets! I really want to kick myself though because the last time I was there I didn't know that Josh's first CD had O Holy Night on it (specially for the Philippines!). Ok I'm rambling.. By the way Today's Thursday surprise with Josh at the Hersey Park was AMAZING! Luckily no one was in the house because I started squealing. Well I'm off to Chillax, ONLY 24 DAYS UNTIL L'Ultima Notte in Charlotte NC!!

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