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on August 9, 2007 - 7:43pm

So... Things are better between Adam and I now. Thank God. I feel better. Now that I have that little babysitting job it will pay for the payment on the van, so he wont be working double shifts anymore. I don't mind, its two days a week and my son has a playmate. Its not a bad gig.

I lost a good friend of mine recently. It hurts, but part of me doesn't want to care..

It really annoys me when a friend is mad at you, and they wont tell you, they just stop talking to you. What happened was I had to cancel the morning of her sons birthday party. It was something beyond my control and I really had no choice but to do it. I KNOW thats why she's pissed at me. She must have put on ignore on AOL and didnt answer the phone when I called. I wrote her an email and asked her if she was mad, and she never wrote back. So screw it. Why do people do that? If your pissed at me, tell me! If something bothers you what I did.. Freaking tell me! She couldn't even write back to me and say anything? To me, that tells me she's a coward. Wtf? You know, sometimes I think people are just so freakin phoney and I cant deal with it. If I'm pissed at something, I'll tell you. I'm an in your face person and I dont lie to people, I tell them the truth, even when it may hurt. Maybe thats not such a good thing sometimes? Whatever. Watch her some around in a month and start talking to me like nothing happened. I'll tell her to screw off.

Oh.. and my brother finally kicked his psycho hose beast of a girlfriend out.. She said she's going to sue him for 20K... LMAO!!! The car he got for her is in HIS name and she never paid a penny for it. Wow.. Sometimes I wonder about people..

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