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Having a good weekend so far

lorib1959's picture
on August 11, 2007 - 2:47pm

I'm not a writer. Tthats one reason I haven't been writiing & I don't know can't get the words out. But want to do my best to vent here if I need to instead at the boards. This whole week has been an up & down journey. Barry Bonds historic home runs, former 49ers coach Bill Walsh passing, finally getting Lifetime in Weight Watchers, a good birdie being silenced, anticipating to see Josh in Stockton, Having my family come down on me for something I like & not understanding how much someone's music means to me. Ok, stockton's not the best place for a gal to walk around esp. at night. But there are many places even here I won't walk around at night. No offense at Oakland but won't dare walk around even in broad day light. Eek how much more can a 40 something gal take? Well back to life. I'll prob. go to church tomorrow. It'll do me good to get out. Also I have started cutting back on caffeine mostly coffee. I still like it & if I want coffee I'll still get a nonfat latte but its not agreeing w/ me anymore. Also have slowly started to shop at a new Pharmacy in town. Its a Berkeley based store so it has many eco friendly stuff & many healthier versions of treats compared to Longs, Walgreens, etc. They have the same kind of pharmacy as others so accept my insurance. But they also have a herbal pharmacy. A lot of which isn't in my budget but its just fun wandering around. Almost feel like I'm in Berkeley by the way where I was born so maybe some of the bezerkliness rubbed off on me. I never lived there except when I was born at the hospital. Ok enough for now. Out for now. See ya.

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