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Is it moving day yet?

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on August 12, 2007 - 6:50am

So I'm back from North Bay. It went well - the fact Kelly was nowhere to be seen was wonderful. I guess she's basically ditched Ashley cause she grew up to fast. Uh, a husband and baby will do that. Kelly will come to a bad end, I just know it.

Dress is taken care of, not happy I had to pay for it that day - and then I discover the silly shawl is not included! And I think everyone wanted it so I have to e-mail Allison and inform her it's extra. Grrr, damn Sears! I'm hoping the dress will still FIT nine months from now.

And so rumoured date for 'Chess' is May 13th I hear. Count me there. Jena and I were trying to figure out how we could both go. Cause it would be cheaper on hotel if there was more than one (anyone want a travel buddy?). Just please let us not see that date pushed back to the end of May or I'm screwed (the wedding is May 24th - and in Canada that is a week end everyone uses to get smashed, great day for a wedding). Gah, I have to go. Simply must, I'm sure I'll kick myself if I don't.

So I also ended up insanely drunk Friday night. This included me walking around the island in the kitchen chattering to myself about Jena better text me back - I'm not sure why. I was contemplating the effects of mixing a pixie stick with booze - likely not a good mix. But could be fun. We have concluded that is something you can only do with a Josh fan, cause no one else will get the amusement factor.

Not that I'm planning on doing it - cause booze is bad for the vocal chords. But I'm a very giggly happy drunk it turns out. Very happy, very giggly and a Josh commercial came on the television advertising a concert for, erm, the end of the month somewhere and I totally perk up with "Oh Josh!!!" Everyone looks at me funny and I giggle so Ashley and I start yapping about him for awhile. Converting the masses slowly I am.

Today is a lot of running around - if I ever get my laundry done! I forgot I do actually have jeans that are clean (not exactly sure who's they are...they're not mine but if they fit, what the heck).

Voice lessons this year are an hour over thirty minutes. I'm happy with that, but does this mean I'll be paying $164 a month instead of the usual $84? So you guessed it, for Christmas I want money for trip and passport. And new glasses, I NEED new glasses! I've been wearing the same ones for a good five years!

Anyway, have fanfic I should get to, thinking of starting second lj for that. So I can keep track of it and any crummy graphics I make.

*squeeage* Josh in 'Chess'...eeeee I'm such a theatre geek!!!!

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