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on August 12, 2007 - 1:06pm

Isn't that the sound we make when we stretch?!?!?! Oh--or is that just me??? hahaha I am proud to say that I have exercised/worked out every day since last Sunday with the exception of an intentional break yesterday...I am SOOOOO stiff today! What's up with that??? When I woke up, I had the beginnings of a crick in my neck, a headache, and when I tried to sit up, I could hardly move! I'll live. I know.

Although I'm in a rather good mood, I could use a nap right now. I just thought I'd see what was going on around here first...

I've been very productive the past few days. And even though I've had some inner struggles over the friends lately, I honestly feel better than I have in...well...years! I hope I can keep it up! And since I'm having a hard time sitting here, I'm gonna go rest a while and then get back going on my organizing projects in the house before I have to get ready to go back to church!

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