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FOJG Friends!

FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on August 13, 2007 - 3:09pm

You know, my last journal entry got to be the size of a book, but I HAVE to add about my wonderful encounters with FOJG fan club friends! It was SO MUCH FUN to put faces to names with some and to meet altogether NEW ones! What a blessing to have this site :)

First of all, when we got to St. Paul, we stopped at a pub to have a drink (it was so hot out and we were famished from the trip :). We asked the lady sitting in the next table to take our pic, she said yes, of course! It was the four of us and I held up my 8X10 pic of Josh to be in the pic too! She said "Hey, we're going to the concert too!" How cool was that? Her and a friend flew in from Indiana. We got to talking about her and I being in the fan club - her board name is "PISCESLIKEJOSH" and I told her I'd recognized it since we both share a birthday month with "the man!" And when I showed her I was giving him Velocity, she said she was a MK consultant too! We both just hooted - that's so cool! At MK meetings we always joke that if we got stranded in any city in the world, we could find a MK sister to take us in - well, I'm beginning to think the same with friends of JG too! Pretty darn cool ;)

So then, we're at the VIP hospitality room and get to talking to 2 lovely young ladies (oh to be that young and pretty again) and they ended up winning the BSP so we talked with them afterward in the arena - got to know them quite well. Oh, boy, help me I think is was "AMYDJG" and "RAINYMUSES"! Oh, and they had front row seats next to "PISCESLIKEJOSH" - as Josh would say, "what a coinkiedink"

Then, I had been talking to "MNCTYGIRL" online quite a bit and told her I'd look for her when we got there - I found her! What a joy to visit with her too.

So, that's my story continued.....I only hope this love-affair (not kinky) we have with Josh lasts forever and ever!

It would be SO great to hear from these ladies, so if you're reading my post here, let me know! It would be sooo cool :)

Hope everyone is having a good start to the week - I'm having kindof a down in the dumpies send me happy thoughts, would you!
Hugs to you, my grobie friends!

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