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Monday, Monday

lorib1959's picture
on August 13, 2007 - 3:15pm

Well i'm doing good so far this week. So far 1st week at WW lifetime is doing well. Just need to decide when i should weigh in since I only have to WI once a month. Earlier went for a walk along a local trail went to the library to get my train & hotel confirm. info out. I don't own a printer. Someday I'll get one thats compatible w/ msntv2 or wait til I get a real puter. Its so beautiful out. Lots of birds flying around. Even saw a anna's hummingbird fluttering around. I love watching those little critters. they're so tiny & cute. Don't have much plans for this week except attend two of my fav WW meetings. I feel fortunate to have two really good leaders & class mates. In one of them there are many lifetimers. Well hope everyone's week goes good. I know I'm not here often enough. I just can't get words to flow out at times. Oh well. 11 days til Stockton. My sister is a little calmer about me going now since I told her I'd leave some info for her. She just worries. And she's been to Stockton many times. I'll just be careful.

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