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OK back with feeling good

mswizzzard's picture
on August 15, 2007 - 1:23am

Housemate came upstairs to go to sleep and when he put on his telly it woke me. Dispite the sleeping pill I took. So here I am at 4:14am. But doing so much better.. Social services has come through with my food stamps but still working on disability and looking for some kind of job.

Miss all the people I met this summer going to all the josh concerts, am very excited Rachel going to NC - Ticket prices are scalping at $4000.00 unbelievable, that is so WRONG.

Miscalulated my pain meds so I've been going through spouts of withdrawal, I can't get anymore from the Doctor until the 22nd so instead of 3 pills every 8 hours I'm trying to maintain with 2 every twelve hours, not an easy task. I guess when Rachel and I were away I didn't keep close tabs on when I took them so now I'm working through the consequences.- But I wait for myself to almost go into withdrawl feelings then take the meds - unfortunately the disorder I take them for of the bladder there is no cure so I have live on this stuff. As long as I can go to concerts and see my daughter it's worth putting up with.

I saw this laminating machine on qvc and almost bought it. It would help so much with my scrap book from my concerts.

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