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House, school & Harry Potter

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on August 16, 2007 - 9:19am

We sold our house, finally. It has been on the market for about two years. We have not been able to buy a house here in Utah because we needed it to sell our house in Colorado. Mom and Dad and Brian are going down to help the movers pack up everything. I wish I could go too because I need that box with the poem in it. I’ll just have to make sure that it is not packed with the rest of the stuff and that it gets brought back to me. I would be going but I need to get in my last days of work before school starts. I haven’t seen that house since Christmas when we were there for Chad and Amber’s wedding.

Next week it will be one year since I moved up here to Utah. Eric and I drove up the week before school started because I wanted to come up without my Mom. I am surprised she even let us come before them. That was a fun road trip. We drove the car from Fort Collins, CO to Sandy, UT with music playing. lol Since Eric and I are so close in age I think that is one of the reasons that we get along so well. We are always near each other in school. This year has been the weirdest for me because he is going to his senior year of high school. He graduated from a different school than I did. That is really strange to me since we are only a year apart. I always thought that we would graduate from the same high school. Our classes could not have been more different. I had 140 people graduate with me…one of the perks of being the first graduating class. Eric had over 400 people graduate with him. Anyway, Eric is coming to the same college has me. We even have some of the same classes. That will be nice. We can do homework together like we used to do with classes in high school. It will be nice having someone help me with English papers.

I really want to discuss the last Harry Potter but I have to refrain from posting my thoughts because I don’t know who reads these and if they have read Harry Potter. I’ll have to call my friend and talk to her about all of it.

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