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Yay tomorrow....maybe.

vijaykumar's picture
on August 17, 2007 - 3:32pm

So...I told them I might not go tomorrow. Yeah, she Miss I Live for Theatre an all associated with it doesn't want to go to a signing for the cast of POTO (although there is no list of what cast members). I haven't been feeling all that well today, and I know there is a fifty/fifty chance tomorrow I may not be able to move (take a stab at why I haven't been feeling well), but of course the minute I say that I get told to shut up and grow up.

Yah, I'm so sorry I have these things inside me that make life miserable. I'll get a memo out to whoever in charge of that right off.

Think I enjoy that kinda running my life for the past year? Yeah, not really sunshine.

Anyway, I'll likely go cause if I don't I'll kick myself. Not sure what to wear though - maybe pink Josh shirt again with pencil pants. I look cute in it. But blah, depends on how sore I am what I'll wear.

Ryan and his dad are coming down for the car on Sunday, I'm sad Ashley and Jacob aren't coming, but that is a long drive for a three month old...and Ashley didn't like how Sara started to be all possessive over her son. Sara actually started to tell her what to do. Mind you Sara's been like this ever since she was pregnant.

'High School Musical 2' premieres tonight, God help me. I can't even sit through the first one. At least it will keep my niece amused.

Well,think I'll go comment on some lj entries and then...uh...find something to do.

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